Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love them while you can...

Two weeks ago, 3 different friends in my life had 3 different dog situations that made me so sad & so grateful for my bullies & kitties (yes, I don't talk about them much on here, but my kitties are just as important to me...they just don't like the camera as much). I went home & just squeezed them a little harder, gave them a little extra food/treat, let them sit in my lap a little longer even if I was didn't matter, they were here & I loved them!

One friend had adopted a rescue dog in January....sadly, two weeks ago he had to return the dog to the rescue group because it wasn't working out. My friend was heart-broken because he really loved the dog, but the dog was hurting himself (i.e. running into windows/doors to chase cars) & my friend did try to make things better, but nothing worked. He did have a family lined up to take him, but the rescue group needed to take him back...their rules. I can only imagine how sad it must have been for my friend to say good-bye to this dog through a kennel door.

Another friend's St Bernard, Bailey, had a hard time breathing while going for a walk one Saturday afternoon. She rushed her to the emergency vet, only to have the dog collapse as soon as they arrived. Originally Bailey was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but later it was diagnosed as larynx paralysis & she had to have surgery. Thankfully, the surgery went well, but recovery will take time.

Lastly, another friend brought her 7 year old Westie, Ava, to the vet because she just didn't seem herself over the weekend. At first the vet thought she hurt her back, but did some blood work just to be sure...turns out she had lymphoma...stage 6 (the highest stage). What a shock! She had weekly chemo sessions for the last two weeks & had some good days, but more bad days. Unfortunately, Ava just couldn't fight it anymore & is now on the Rainbow Bridge playing with my Ollie.

Three different situations, three different dogs, all in one week's time. You just never know what will happen & when. So again, love them while you can.

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