Monday, May 4, 2009

Shows...they are a comin'!

Last week a friend of mine asked me if I had any shows coming up...I started counting...2 in May, 2 in June & 2 in July. YIKES!! That's a lot of shows!! And a lot of outfits to think about! :0) Of course I could choose not to go to all of them, but since most are close to home (less than a 90 min drive one-way), I feel like I should do them??

The first one in May is this coming weekend. It will be Vivi's first specialty show. (Specialty shows are those that are only one breed.) There will be almost 80 bulldogs there Friday, Saturday & Sunday! How fun to see that many bullies in one place!! Vivi's dad Hemi & uncle Otto will be shown will her littermate Ozzie! I'm excited to see Ozzie because he & Vivi were the two all white bullies in the litter. I'm looking forward to see how much bigger Ozzie is than Vivi because usually boys are bigger than girls. Another fun fact about Ozzie is that his family has another bully named Izzie...Izzie is Howie's littermate! So it's like we're a total bully family!! LOL!!

Here are photos of Ozzie & Vivi around the same age:

The show this weekend should be a very good time! I'm very much looking forward to it & will be practicing with Vivi all week to get her ready! Gotta get that whole up the ramp thing to work!! Hahahaha

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