Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Petal Watch 2009 is OVER!

My husband called me at work to tell me that Vivi left me a present. I said, "oooh a petal?" He said, "no, all 3 petals!" They were all connected by the green part of the headband! Seeing it (yes, again I was excited to see poop), I couldn't believe that was in her...along w/the other 3 petals!! My goodness...she must feel like she's got an empty tummy!

It was about a foot long & I just am so grateful she was able to pass it. I'm not going to pretend to know the inner workings of a bully, but I'm just glad it didn't get wrapped around anything...that wouldn't have been good at all! Somebully must have been looking over my little girl! (Thanks Ollie!)

So the ending tally was Howie: 1 petals, Vivi: 6 petals, plastic pieces, & a felt headband cover. This is what it looked like before...I won't post an after...(but know that I did take a photo for posterity & shock value of those that can handle it) you can almost see her plotting revenge in this photo!!

Petal Watch 2009 is officially over!

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  1. So glad that ordeal is over and they are all ok! Thar's a huge headband...she must feel better now!! Reminds me of some of the things our dogs have eaten in the past! One ate a whole brand new pack of Wrigly gum..paper, foil and all. It took me a littlr bit to figure out why his poop was so shiny in the sun ;-)

    The headbands are super cute...just not for consumption!