Monday, May 11, 2009

National Police Week

You may have looked at the home page & the bullies’ pages & wondered why I'm honoring National Police Week. There is only one reason. My husband is a police officer. In fact, next week marks his 11 year anniversary as being a sworn police officer. Crazy how fast time flies.

One year, he stood guard at the local Police Memorial and it was quite moving. A few years later, one of his former Sergeants was killed while on duty. My husband was working that night & when he called to tell me he was ok & that a cop had been shot, all I could think about was the wife/family that wasn't getting this call, but instead getting the "other" call. I tried to put myself in her shoes & it was at this point I realized no matter how much I tried, I could only begin to imagine how much her life changed in a matter of a phone call. This really hit me that what happened to this officer could happen to any one of any time.

I'm choosing to remember National Police Week, not only for those officers who were killed in the line of duty, but also for their families & co-workers; as their deaths were never in vain and impact many.

Thank you!

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