Saturday, May 16, 2009

Green Beans & Headbands

So far my weekend has consisted of two beans & headbands. Odd combo right? I guess that's the life a bully owner leads sometimes. Since I was told Doc needs to lose weight earlier this week (see his page for more details), he has looked really sad when I give him his food; like he knows it's not going to be enough for him. My friend Mary suggested I give him some filler (like green beans) along with the food. Surprisingly, he LOVES them! When Howie saw that Doc was getting something else in his food, he wanted some too. So I gave all 3 bullies some green beans with their food & they ALL love it!!

So I went to the store & got 9 more cans of green beans. Hopefully that will last the week! I really hope the green beans will fill Doc up without the calories. I just don't want him looking sad when I give him his food anymore & of course I want him to lose weight.

Headbands...I have bought a few different "holiday" ones to take photos of my bullies. You know really cute antlers, bunny ears & even a flower. The bullies looked really cute in them when they wore them...not so cute when one eats them! That's right...EATS them. Vivi apparently thought the flower one looked good enough to she did! At first we couldn't figure out what the plastic that she threw up was from..just some small white pieces. Then this morning it all came together when I found two of the petals in her kennel that weren't there when she went to bed.

We have 5 more petals to go...Spoke to the vet & they said if she's acting fine & having no issues going to the bathroom, she should be ok....She will just eventually pass them. We did give her some hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting) last night after the plastic pieces came up, but nothing else did in 30 that means that she didn't JUST eat it. **Side note: this does work very well if it's something recently diaper wipes...yep, she's eaten those too.**

So say some prayers that the other 5 petals make an appearance sooner rather than later! And if you think you need that headband for a cute photo...make sure you don't store it anywhere near where the bullies could get to it. Yes, I've learned my lesson....

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  1. It's okay! Holly ate a pin off of my daughter's coat last fall. We found all of the pieces, EXCEPT the metal pointy pin portion. Major freak-out on my part. The emergency vet said that their throats are very muscular and you would be surprised what they can pass once it gets into their intestinal tract. Luckily, it was still in her stomach, so we induced vomiting and it came out. But, he said he has had dogs in for swallowing things like nails, glass, jagged metal.
    I was watching Ron White the comedian the other night, who happens to be a Bullie owner as well. His dog, Sluggo, swallowed one of his golf gloves. The ENTIRE thing came out when his dog finally passed it.
    Keeping my fingers crossed! I am sure she will be fine! :)