Monday, July 13, 2009

Dog people are cool

Something I noticed this weekend at the show in Duluth, is that dog people are cool! While walking Vivi around the show site or outside near Lake Superior, people would stop & ask to pet her & ask questions about her. Many times people wanted to take her photo. But the coolest times were when people would stop me to see Vivi, but then immediately would take out their cell phones to show me photos of their bullies! How fun is that?
I even had a couple stop me, ask about Vivi and bulldogs in general & then tell me their dog story. They had just lost their 12 year old bull terrier to cancer. Then they showed me a very cute photo of their dog. You could tell they were both happy to be at the dog show around other dogs, but sad at the same time. I actually saw them a few other times throughout the day & hoped they were enjoying themselves.
I just think it's neat that people you don't know, would open up something as personal as their dog, its story & photos. Like we have a bond because I have a dog. I don't know, maybe that sounds weird, but it's not like if I was walking around the show site by myself people would have stopped to talk to me, let alone show me their photos.
Dogs really do bring out the best in people!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast and met some great people! That's what it's all about...okay, yea, winning is good too, but all the other stuff is the best!