Friday, July 17, 2009

I see London, I see France, I see Vivi's underpants!

I tried the pull ups & while they did fit & they didn't bother her, they did fall off of her when she sat down. I'm glad I ordered the doggy panties...and guess what? They arrived today! Talk about great service as I just ordered them on Tuesday morning.
I think I got a size a little too big though...they kinda look like they're gapping at the leg holes & from behind...well, it looks like shes needs a diaper change! :0) They're cotton, so they may shrink a bit, or she may grow into them...or I may just have to get a smaller size. One thing is for sure...they are adora-bull! Isn't the pink lace cute?
Oooh, I found one good thing about heat cycles....finding cute panties to dress my Vivi in! Gotta love shopping for the bullies!

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