Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 6 Already!!

Today started our week 6 of Howie's rehab for his ACL surgery. So far the recovery has gone quite well. We're allowing him to be out of his space more often throughout the day, but we don't allow him to jump on the furniture or do stairs....I say again...we don't allow him...that doesn't mean he hasn't tried on his own.

One day last week, I came home from work, fed the bullies & ran downstairs to grab some laundry. I turned around & there he was! Aggghh!! He went down 13 stairs to the basement!!! I quickly scooped him up, brought him upstairs & put him in his kennel to rest for a bit. This was totally my fault...I have since made sure to shut the basement door anytime I go down there.

The physical rehab itself has actually cut down starting this week. We no longer have to do the Range of Motion exercises, but we have increased our walks to 15 min twice a day. During the walk, we have to include stopping & backing up. I also do the 15 sit/stands after our walk since it seems to work out better outside than in the house. Howie still gets his two massages twice a day...but he still doesn't care for them much.

I am noticing on our walks that he uses his leg very well, but when not on his walks (in the house or when standing up) he doesn't put much weight on it at all. I also have noticed that when he sits (anytime) he seems to be compensating for the leg a little....he keeps it to the side. At this point I'm not too worried about this, but am keeping an eye on it.

We'll be able to start swimming in the next week or 2 I believe. That will be fun...no really, it will be!

Here's my little monkey in his favorite spot...the couch (that we lifted him up on of course!).

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  1. Love the photo! Glad rehab is going well. He's a lucky boy to have such great parents!