Monday, July 6, 2009

Run Free Howie! Run Free!

Ok, well not really, but we did take the xpens outside in the backyard this weekend so Howie could have some controlled outside time. Doc & Vivi wanted to be with Howie too, so it was like watching a pen full of extra large puppies.
Howie did seem to enjoy himself, but he mostly ate grass....he's so weird. This week we still continue his rehab with his exercises, walks, & massages. He doesn't like to lay still for the entire massage though...but they are supposed to be 10-15 min it does get a little long.
This week Vivi is heading north to stay w/Momma Sandy for a few days & I'll join her on Saturday at the show in Duluth. I will miss her but I know she's in good hands. Oh & good news!! I weighed Doc this weekend & he lost more weight! Yay!! He's now down 3.5 lbs total!! I was very happy to see that!

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  1. Yay for Howie! Cute how they all like to be together! Good luck to you and Vivi!