Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July Everybully!

Wow! This weekend is Independence Day! Crazy!! I love summer, mostly because our winters last so dang long, but dang it anyway if this whole summer doesn't seem to fly just by! Between weddings & dog shows & of course the Great Minnesota Get Together countdown I'm already thinking of September! But I'll stop, because I do NOT wish for this summer to go that quickly!!

Vivi & I had a great weekend traveling to & showing in South Dakota. I have posted a summary of the shows here as well as posted some photos. Overall, she did very well. Like Doc & Howie, she makes me laugh. They're just so funny!
Here she is with Uncle Otto at the hotel...I think he's say..."If I stay really still she won't see me."
Howie's rehab is still going well. He didn't love the new range of motion exercises (ROMs) we had to do this past week...and will continue for the following weeks. He eventually lets me do them, but he doesn't like it at first...this week we add massages to his rehab...I'm guessing he'll like those. BTW...just realized I didn't put any photos of Howie on here today...however he IS today's photo of the day on the site.

Doc doesn't seem to be losing weight as fast as I thought he would while eating the "diet" of green beans & smaller food portions. He's only lost about 2 lbs so far. I will be able to incorporate more walks this week due to the weather (a lot cooler than it had been the last few weeks of 85-90 degrees), so hopefully that will help. If I don't see more of a loss in the next month I'll probably decrease his food even more. Poor Doodle!

Cool Blue Line Cafe & Travel Center sign we saw on our way home from South Dakota!! We HAD to stop to take the photo.
Vivi enjoying cuddling w/Momma at the hotel.

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