Friday, June 26, 2009

Where did the week go?

Or better yet...where did JUNE go? WOW!! I can't believe how fast time really does fly when you get older...errr I mean, when you're having fun! This weekend Vivi will have her first sleepover!! We're going to South Dakota for a dog show. It's a big show...bullies have the largest entry over any other breed...that's not very common here in Minnesota!! It should be a good time & I just hope that she'll do well in the ring (i.e. not back up from the judge again). I'll be interested to see how she sleeps outside of our house too. I know it was hard for Howie when I brought him somewhere else to sleep. Doc...nah...he could sleep anywhere!!

We're traveling with her uncle Otto & Momma Sandy, so we'll all have tons o' fun I'm sure!! I packed up (hopefully) everything I need last night & will depart just as soon as I get home from work today. It's a much longer drive than I expected, but hopefully it will go fast...driving w/Sandy it usually does cuz she LOVES to talk!! hahahaha

Howie continues to do well with his rehab & confinement. Last night we did allow him to sit outside of his space since we were both home & could make sure the other two left him be (or didn't get all riled up)...he just seemed soooo happy!! Despite the heat & humidity, Doc still loves the sun. We don't allow him to stay out for longer than a couple mins though...doesn't take long for a bully (or any dog) to overheat...but this morning, when it was cooler, he just sat on the deck & tilted his head up to the sun like he was saying "ahhh this is the life"...that boy loves his sun, just like his momma!!


  1. Vivi looked awesome in the photos! She's going to have her big day soon! Thanks for traveling with Otto...I knew he was having a good time.