Monday, June 15, 2009

Howie's out of surgery!!

Yay!! What a great phone call to get!! It seemed like forever since 830am until 1215pm when the surgeon finally called!! He said that the surgery went "perfectly" & that there was no arthritis in the knee which can happen when an injury like this occurs. He said they also removed the meniscus (the tissue between the knee cap I believe) because they can injure that separately if kept in.

He confirmed that Howie was awake & doing well. I had to pack him an "overnight" bag which I included some food, a toy (nylabone), a blanket & his Yeti. I thought about packing a photo of myself...but, well, didn't want the staff to think I was a total bullyfreak!!

We get to pick him up tomorrow morning at 1030am & then I'll be a BullyNurse instead of a BullyMomma for my Howie.

Thanks for all the prayers & good thoughts & well wishes!! Recovery will be long, but a "perfect" surgery is a great way to start!!


  1. Yay- I'm so happy to hear that!! Boy you brought back memories too! I remember waiting for that phone call so well! A friend was in my office when I got the call and said when answered, all of the color drained from my face! Until I heard he was ok and I could breathe again! It's tough being a Mom...whether it's to a child or a bully!!! I know he'll be thrilled to see you tomorrow and have tons of bully kisses for you!! Now, on to recovery!