Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Note From Howie

Hi Everybully-

Just wanted to let you know that my first weekend after surgery has gone well. Both Momma & Daddy were home with me, even though Vivi did have a show this weekend (info on Show page), it was nearby so they left super early & came home & then even snuggled with me in my space!

I even had Doc & Vivi visit me in my space! It was nice cuz they'd give me kisses & let me snuggle with them. I miss playing with them, but I'm still not feeling like playing yet. My daddy took my pain patch off on Thursday & I'm doing pretty good without it. The vet tech told momma & daddy that the patch would make me feel "high"...I don't know what that means though.

I've only cried once since my surgery & that's when I saw my favorite spot on the couch (the back with the window view)...but otherwise I've been good. Doc did look out the window for me today & reported that all things were green!
Momma keeps saying I'm being such a good boy (like I wouldn't be...silly momma). But I'll tell you a secret...I like the attention....momma & daddy have to carry me to go outside...I mean, that's a free ride!! I get my num-nums in my special need to think Vivi or Doc are going to clean up after me! Momma brings me my favorite other bullies to think they're taking them from me. Oooh & today I got to try watermelon!! YUMMY! Ok, ok, Doc & Vivi got some too, but I like to think momma thought of me first....I'm sure she did.

I have to sit with an ice pack on me twice a day & at first I don't like it, but evenutally I fall asleep with it on me & I let it do it's magic!

I also go on my daily 5 min walks & even use my leg with the stitches...gotta try it out sometime! But for the most part, I've just been resting in my new space in the living room. I like's all mine...kinda like going from a studio apartment to a full 1000 sq ft house...ok, ok, it's not THAT big, but it is bigger than my regular kennel & my Yeti comes with me to my space everyday, so that's fun! It's like a party!

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