Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 2 starts Wednesday!!

On Wednesday we start our 2nd week of rehab! Yay! It gradually increases over the next 7 weeks, and so far Howie has been doing well. He's been pretty mellow & doesn't seem to mind being in his space (and yes, that IS indeed how I refer to it all the time). However, today, I saw my not-so-mellow Howie back for a bit. I had him in his space (x-pen attached to a wire kennel) & I proceeded to get ready for work. When I came out into the living room, he wasn't in his space! It really didn't occur to me to be odd, until I saw that he was walking around the living room!! I have a Houdini on my hands!!

I think what happened was that the kennel has two doors, one in front, one on the side...I'm guessing the side door wasn't latched...that or Vivi broke him out!! She was sitting next to the kennel when I put him in his space...they're working together!!

It is also hard on Vivi that Howie is in his space...anytime she gets, she tries to sneak in to be with her buddy. She's been good, but missing her crazy friend....I mean, she chases the cats on her own & it's just not the same! Doc...while he does try to get in Howie's space...it's mostly to get the bone Howie has at the moment.

Here is Howie in his space...it looks like he's saying, "Yep! I'm still in here momma!"

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