Monday, June 8, 2009

What a lazy bulldog weekend!

It was FABULOUS!! I think the weather (rain) helped, but the bullies & I just wanted to lay around all we did. It was nice to not run somewhere or go get something...just lay around. Ahhhhhhhh....The only thing scheduled was my niece's dance recital...which she kicked butt in btw!!

This upcoming weekend is my favorite holiday!! Flag Day!! (Ummmm...June 14th for those of you asking yourself "When is Flag Day?") Our club has a puppy picnic that day, so I hope to attend with my patriotic colors! Oooh too bad I don't have a blue bulldog...cuz then I could bring my patriotic (Doc), white (Vivi) & blue (Howie??)! hahahaha


  1. Puppy picnic...yay!! Are you bringing all three? See you there!

  2. That would be a no...I'm not crazy. But yes, I'll see you there! :0)