Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blue Line Hospital, Rehab & Grooming

Last night was a busy night at our house! First, we started Howie's physical therapy schedule which this week includes a 5 min slow walk (on the driveway), & 5 "Range of Motion" exercises which is when he lays on his good side & I hold onto the hock of his bad leg & push it up & pull it back...slowly & not to the point of pain or aggravation. Afterwards we had to ice his owie & at first he didn't like that at all, but he eventually was ok with it. Ice pack has to stay on 10-15 min twice a day this week.

THEN...I got to cut both Doc's & Vivi's nails...which is always a challenge it seems. Doc wasn't so bad, he just didn't want it done, but once I had him on his back he was fine. Yay! Done in about 5 min! Miss Vivi on the other hand, was wanting NOTHING to do with it, wiggling all around, moving this way & that way, trying to gnaw at my hand, trying to scratch at me...ANYTHING for me to stop...but guess what?? I didn't!! Ha! Sure, took me over 20 min to get them all done, but I did. Sandy has taught me that persistence is key & if I give in, she knows that she won...well, I won last night!!

Tonight will be more of the same!! It's a show weekend, so it's bath time for Vivi! She actually is quite good in the bath & cleaning her folds (which I do every morning so they're all used to that) & especially good when it comes to cleaning her ears. She doesn't care for her whiskers being trimmed though, started that project last night & will finish tonight.

We'll also continue our week 1 of physical therapy for Howie. The rehab schedule is about 8 weeks long & while reading the nice 3 page summary of everything that needs to be done, I realized I was going to forget to do something!! So, being the nerd that I am, I put together a spreadsheet listing each week & what has to be done...including check off columns for each day so we know what has been done. Hey, I admitted I'm a nerd...but I'm a nerd whose bully will have all the physical therapy done in the right order! :0)

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  1. Sounds like Howie is in good hands! Persistence definitely does pay off in the grooming department- yay Jen! Good luck with show weekend!!