Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He's Home!!!

Yay! Howie is home!! It was weird not having him here last night. When I went to get bullies' dinners ready, I got 3 bowls out...habit I guess. I called the vet last night to see how he was doing & the vet tech told me that he was feeling sorry for himself, what a sad sack.

Steve & I went to pick him up this morning & after going through how his night went (fine) & going through some of what we can expect, we then met with another vet tech who went over our 3 page week-by-week rehab schedule. It was nice to have someone go through everything with us so thoroughly. About 30 min later, she finally brought him in the room & we were ready to go home.

Since he has to stay pretty confined over the next 6-8 weeks, I put together a little area in our living room where he would be confined, yet still with us. He seems to be ok with the area & after the welcoming sniffs through the xpen from Doc & Vivi, he fell asleep. He slept pretty much until it was dinner time.

He has both pooped & peed since he's been home & that's EXCELLENT...they had warned us that sometimes after surgery & anaesthesia dogs will be constipated....so far, so good! He is not allowed to do stairs for about 6 weeks, so Steve & I will be carrying him outside. Thankfully, he's only 46 lbs (which I was kinda surprised at)!!

What else?? Oh the incision...well, it's not wrapped nor in a cast of any sort...I can see it; and I don't handle things like that (you know all things medical) well. I have accidentally touched the stitches (ishy) & have looked at them (eeeewwww) because it's not like I can ignore them for the next 10-14 days (when they get removed). Surprisingly, it's only about 4 inches long too. I was expecting much longer. It's sad to see all his fur shaved, but I know it will grow back.

Tomorrow we will start some of the post-op exercises & even a 5 min slow walk!

He has now laid back down & Vivi is sniffing him through the xpen...I think she's trying to figure out a way to get in! She's sneaky like that.

Howie got a care package today! It's from his big sister Gracie!! She's so sweet! She made homemade treats & sent a card....so cute! Thanks Gracie!!


  1. OUCH! Poor boy...but knowing Howie...he'll be more than ready to go very soon! Hugs to Howie, Mary

  2. Poor Howie!! Glad he is home and getting some love from all of you!! I'm with you on the stitches- I was the same way! Speedy recovery for Howie!!