Thursday, June 11, 2009

Surgery Scheduled

Howie's surgery has been scheduled for Monday. Prayers for my little monkey please. He has to stay overnight & I'm not thrilled about that, but I'm sure we'll be there as soon as possible on Tuesday to bring him home.



  1. Prayers and hugs to you all!! Brings back memories of my Bear having his surgeries! The good thing is that the quicker the surgery is over with the faster Howie can start on his recovery period! Give him some extra treats and hugs this weekend!!

  2. Hugs and snuggles to poor Howie!
    Holly Jolly says that she can't wait for him to get better so she can see him! She also says that Howie will probably be real sleepy so you shouldn't worry about him so much..he will be happy to see you on Wednesday, but will also be glad to cuddle up and zonk out at home.
    Keep us updated! :))
    Heather and Holly

  3. Good luck Howie, hugs and kisses to you! Tell mom and dad not worry. You are going to feel much better. Love Mary and the Bulies!

  4. Thinking about you all today Jen! Hope all goes well and you can see Howie very soon!