Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays with Bully Friends Day 6

As the Christmas Holiday is quickly approaching, I really thought we needed somebully to show us how to get into the most festive gear possible!  I think you all will agree, not many can pull this off like today's festive friend! 

Meet Scooter.  She's for sure the cutest elf (bully or otherwise) I've ever seen!  It takes a very secure bully to be able to wear not only a holly collar, but also an elf hat without flinching...ok, ok, she may flinch when the hat goes on, but the collar...I've been told she's been sporting that bad boy since Dec 1st!  Talk about dedication!

"Scoots" is a girl after my own heart!  Other than being a beautiful bulldog, she hates the snow & loves to help people unwrap presents!  Someday, when I visit our nations capital, I will meet this cutie in person...oh yes, I will!

Thanks to one of my #bulldognation tweeps Kate for sending in these great photos of her sweet girl!