Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Holiday Season Has Started

And it starts with today!  My birthday!!  Woo hoo!  Thanks to all that sent in photos of bullies...and for those that haven't yet, there is still time!  Tomorrow I will start sharing the photos of our bulldog friends!!!

Apparently Mother Nature has had enough of me bashing winter & REALLY let us have it today.  I bet we got close to 20 INCHES of new snow today!!  OMG it's awful.  Thankfully I didn't have anywhere to go (but wanted to get a mani/pedi for my bday) so I was able to stay inside most of the day.

Steve had it the worst with clearing the snow from the driveway....

and the steps....

and the deck...

and the roof...(no photos available...but it looked like a whiteout).

The bullies had to plow too!  They plowed their way through the back yard....
Can you see Doc near the picnic table??

At one point, I did LOSE Vivi in the snow!  Hahahahaha!

This bulldog didn't have to worry about the snow though!  Check out how cute he is!! 
He's a gift from my mother-in-law.  He's a bully bank from Pottery Barn!  Sooooo cute!!  I had a great birthday!  Steve upgraded my beloved Betty (iPhone) & now have the iPhone's so awesome!  BTW...almost all the photos on this blog are taken w/Betty!  AMAZING!!  Tomorrow MY momma is making us spaghetti dinner (YUMMM)!!  Over all a great bday weekend I must say!!

My friend Mary gave me a great gift too...she blogged about my birthday & my love of dates!!  Did anyone else notice today was 12/11/10????  Thanks Mary!!

Happy Birfday Momma!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jen!! Can you believe this snow - OMG!! (did u happen to notice the time you posted 11:11 - cool!) Hope you had a great birthday, sounds like you did.

    Julie M.

  2. LOL...can see about an inch of the top of Doc!