Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bully Super Highway

Construction has been ongoing since our first major snow. The bullies have worked together to make a roadway of sorts in our backyard! It's so funny!

There is one path off the deck steps & then it branches off in three directions with some "roads" insecting the three main streets! But never venturing outside of them?!

What's even funnier is that whenever we get additional snowfall, they do it all over again. Exact same paths! I mean, I know bullies are creatures of habit (have you ever moved a chair or something & they bark at it like they've never seen it before & are now afraid of it?) but this is just weird. Who knows, maybe it's just scent related....or maybe my bullies are just so smart they know how to construct a Bully Super Highway!

Oh it's gotta be that last one for sure!!

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  1. My dogs have sneakily created their own snow highway too...called "up and over the fence!" The snow is so high by the patio fence that they walk right over it to the BIG yard. First Henry taught Apple; Apple taught Maisy; poor Otto must be a bit fence challenged as he hasn't figured it out yet.

  2. You know I have been noticing all of the round-abouts that they have been installing in the south metro. I had no idea that the Blueline Bullies were responsible! ;)