Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're still here I promise!!

Wow, this H1N1 really kicks your ass...there I said it!  It's going on 2 weeks Wednesday that I started feeling icky!  Everyday it's getting better...but very, very slowly!  Because of that I've been more than behind in updating the Photo of the Day on the main page of the site (see Howie's comment on this) & behind on here too!  But really...it's more because I haven't had much going on!

Tonight I was feeling well enough to bring Howie to his first class in 18 months...what a bad, bad BullyMomma I've been.  I was nervous on how he'd do in the "socialization" part of class...you know, walking into the building, waiting during lecture, etc....oh you mean he's NOT supposed to socialize then?  Dang...mark that as a fail.  Well, actually he was much better than I expected & he LOVED, LOVED, LOVED his class!

We're taking beginning rally obedience & if I may take a moment to brag about my Howard (yes, in addition to the blog & site dedicated to him & his bulldog sibilings)...he is honestly so DANG smart!  We haven't done any of these "directions"--is that what they're called, I have no idea--& other than me not understanding the sign & him not quite figuring out the "stay" while I walk around him he did AWESOME!

He's just like his Momma Hannah!  So driven & so wanting to please.  I could tell some of those in class weren't too thrilled to have him there...imagine the horror!  But I think he surprised them & the instructor was pleased too!  I will admit he does have to work on paitence though....I've never heard him bark so much & loud before...ugg...we even had a dog owner move away from us because he was "exciting" her dog too much....sorry lady!

BUT...the night ended on a very good note in that while waiting to pay for some treats, a woman came up to us & said, "well, now who is this?!"  I said, "this is Howard."  She just looked at me weird & said, "we were in puppy class with you & I always tell the story of how Howard the bulldog showed the German Shepard how to do tunnels!"  I totally forgot about that, but yes, indeed he did! 

We were waiting in line & the German Shepard was too afraid of the tunnels.  Well Howie was done waiting & got loose from me & pushed the German Shepard out of the way & went right into the tunnel!  I was embarassed because he got away from me, but everyone laughed!  How funny, nearly 2 years later & this woman remembers...and apparently tells people about it too!  hahaha

Aww how cute is baby Howie?


  1. Such a smart boy!! Where do you take these classes? I know Pet Smart offers puppy classes, but I was thinking of getting Holly into something as well. She is dang clever and will do anything for cheese. :)

  2. We haven't started our classes yet..you are a step ahead of us. Bean was suppose to start beginner obedience class this week, but her little friend decided to show up and I had to finish her "hot pants".
    Rally classes start in February for us...