Monday, January 18, 2010

Only took until January!

Since Steve & I have been married I would get a "kick me in the @$$" cold every fall...usually October. Well last year I seemed to have broken that 8 year running streak cuz I didn't get sick until February last year & that wasn't really a cold, but rather a chronic cough that lasted until lie.

Well this year again I skipped all of fall again! Yay, right?! No!! Instead I wind up with a doozy of a sore throat & a headache that makes me feel like my brain is swishing around. That, my friends was just he start. Over the weekend my head decided to be the resting place for all things snot related.

Aggh! I hate having a congested head! Hate it! Growing up I hated blowing my nose, I've since grown out of that phase but I still hate snot!!

Today was day #5 & I realized I wasn't getting any better. Thankfully, Steve is on his days off so he called the clinic & brought me to my appointment. Turns out...I have "the flu, could be H1N1, could be seasonal. Hard to tell."

Gee thanks for your five minutes there Doc. Couldn't we have saved me my $35 co-pay & done this over the phone? Of course I'm kidding...well a little bit anyway.

So forgive me if I don't put up any new photos on the main page or blog much in the next couple days. I'm on doctor's orders to stay in bed....and that's fine by me!

Hope everybully is feeling fine!

Here is one of my nurses...always watching me with such intense!

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  1. I hope you feel better VERY soon! Glad you have Nurse Howie. :-)