Monday, January 4, 2010

First Show of the Year!

This weekend Vivi has her first show of 2010, right here in town at the Xcel Center in St. Paul!  The Land O Lakes show has FANTASTIC shopping in case anyone is interested!!  Thankfully Vivi's staph infection has cleared up & she didn't lose any hair patches at all!

This week we will continue to work on her stacking so she'll be all set come Saturday morning.  We show both days at 830am...just in case any of you have nothing else to do that early on a very cold weekend morning!!  Vivi would love to see you there!

"Yes, blog friends!  Come see meeeeeeee!"

"I soooooo cute in person!"

"Momma says I have whiskers like a kitty in this photo!"


  1. Oh yes, they have the best shoppping!!! I'll be there. Go Vivi!

  2. I'll be there too, Vivi!! Be good and don't wiggle around too much :)