Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Update

I have updated the show page with photos from this weekend's show.  As always, Vivi amazes me with her ability to handle situations like large crowds with no issues.  Knowing how my little snow monkey is at home (aka crazy, then cuddly) I'm happy to see she has another side to her...we'll stick w/the "c" theme & call her a crowd-lover!!

My friend Mary took photos with my new camera & once again I'm totally in love with it!!  I always had a very hard time getting decent photos at shows with my old camera.  LOVE IT!!  Now...if only I could be sure to take my finger out of her mouth when the camera is on her!!  (Gotta work on that!!)

I know I've mentioned before how I usually am very tired after a show weekend.  This weekend was no exception...except that my nap cuddle buddy wasn't my normal was Howie!!  As a puppy, Howie wasn't much of a cuddler.  He's really changed the last couple months & we're loving every second of that!  Steve took this photo because he couldn't believe Howie!!  (Yeah, I know...I am a crabby lookin sleeper aren't I?)

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