Monday, January 4, 2010

Miracles...they DO happen!

I haven't posted since last year (hahahaha! That NEVER gets old to me!) & it's because I've been rather busy, yes even too busy to take & post photos of my bullies!! GASP! Say it isn't so! But it's all for a good reason....a miraculous reason in fact!

My 83-year-old Grama (who lives with my parents) fell outside last Monday & broke her hip. She was going down the icy driveway to get the trash can. ("Well, it HAD been sitting there since Saturday night." Ummm...garbage pick up was Monday due to the holiday, but there is no winning this argument with Gram. She didn't want the neighbors to "talk"!) She called for help, but it was the middle of the afternoon (around 3:40 pm we think) & most of the neighbors were probably at work. My parents were gone at the cabin for the week for New Year's. So there she the end of the driveway, hidden by the trashcan, the mounds of snow...with NO jacket (tsk, tsk) & NO socks--just her loafers!!

Now here is where the miracle comes parents' house is on a dead-end street...and they are at the END of the dead-end street. There is no reason for anyone to see her. There is no reason for anyone to drive past my parents' house. There is no reason anyone could have found her...except one...a miracle!

Her Guardian Angels’ names are Mike & Janice. They don't live on my parents' street. They don't even live in the same city! They had NO reason to be on her street, let alone find her with in 20 min of her falling on a freezing cold day in December...except for one...a miracle!

Mike does work in the same city as where my parents live. His business butts up to the same corn fields as my parents' dead end street butts up to. Last Monday, he was looking out his window at work & saw some deer in the fields. As they were leaving, he told his wife "let's see where that field comes out". So they just HAPPEND to decide on MONDAY to drive down my parents' street, where the field comes out & they stopped at the dead-end...only to find my Grama laying in the driveway!!

Now, if that isn't a miracle, a divine intervention, my Grampa sending the angels down to Grama, I'm not sure what is!! Because if it wasn't for Mike & Janice deciding, not just a few minutes before they arrived on my parents' street, to drive down there, I would have found Grama around 7pm when I went to get the mail.

Grama didn't hit her head & was with it enough to tell these wonderful people where to find her list of phone numbers & Mike just kept calling until he got me at 4:01 pm. I didn't recognize the number & in fact, thought it was someone from Steve's work calling, but his shift JUST started at 4pm...nothing could have happened to in already could it? When Mike introduced himself, I was still expecting him to say he worked with Steve. Instead he said, "Jen, my name is Mike. I'm here with a woman named Lorraine....." and from there it was a complete & total whirlwind!

She refused an ambulance & Mike & Janice stayed with her until my brother got there to bring her to the Emergency Room. These people, who we've never met, who have no need to stay with my Grama, not only stayed with her, but made sure she was taken care of before they left her side.

My mom called Mike a few days later & he was genuinely concerned about Gram's well-being. He had just lost his father 3 weeks prior & they just found out his wife's father is very ill. It's been a very hard time for them & they refused accepting anything my mom wanted to send them as thanks.

They saved my Grama's life, there is no doubt about that...and for that reason I believe in miracles & will pray for all of us to be blessed with Guardian Angels like Mike & Janice!


  1. What a wonderful ANGEL story! Yep, they exist! Hope Grama is up and about soon.

  2. Just amazing!! Your Grandma was surely being watched over. I will have to call MY Grandma tonight and tell her this story. I hope your Grandma heals quickly and painlessly :)

  3. amen jen. i hope no one never ever doubts there are angels EVERYWHERE!!!!! loving you for all you've done for gram and many many thanks.