Saturday, November 21, 2009

Different show, same wiggle worm

It's totally my fault, I haven't worked on stacking Vivi as often as I should have over the last 3 months since our last show.  She showed me today what practice means that's for sure!!  She stacked fine on the ramp for the judge, which is great, but when we were stacking on the floor...WIGGLE WORM!!

So tonight we've been practicing, not that I'm expecting miracles or anything, but I'm at least hoping for a bit less wiggle worm & a little more Vivi tomorrow!  Wish us luck!

Here are some photos from today...she looks pretty steady in all of these shots anyway!!

We show again tomorrow at 8am...gonna be a very early morning for us!  I'll post photos if we get any!
Wish us luck!

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