Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oatmeal baths=miracle worker!

Vivi's lumps got worse all day on Sunday.  Monday night we were hanging out on the couch & I saw that her back was BLEEDING!!  Not sure if it the lumps turned into scabs or if her skin was just so dry it started to crack & bleed?  It wasn't a lot of blood, but still...I felt just awful!  All this from a shampoo!!

I decided to give Vivi an oatmeal of those packets from Aveeno.  She must have known that the oatmeal bath was for her because she just sat next to the tub while it filled up & had no problem going in!  She just stood there while I poured the oatmeal bath water over her.  I made sure to pat her dry & then put some vitamin E oil on her skin...couldn't hurt, right?

When she woke up Tuesday morning the swelling of the lumps had already gone down!  Oatmeal bath=miracle!!  I even saw more difference when I returned home from work Tuesday night!  I'm going to hold off giving her any other baths this week, but will continue with the vitamin E oil in hopes that it keeps it from drying up again.

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