Sunday, November 22, 2009

Less Wiggly, More Lumpy

Good news is that our practicing paid off last night & Vivi wasn't nearly as wiggly in the ring today as yesterday!  Yay Vivi!  She took 2nd in her class & got to go in for Reserve (which her half-sister Bailey took)!  Vivi did really well today considering the judge had us go around a few times & was very hands on.  We have another show in a few weeks so I'll be sure to continue practicing with her & hope that she is not a wiggle worm both days!!

2nd place today!  Lumps & all!

Bad news is that the shampoo I used on her left her looking lumpy today.  Needless to say, I will NOT be using it again.  I've heard this could happen if it's not rinsed out enough, but we rinsed her really well.  OMG it's soooo bad!  I noticed some lumps last night & gave her some Benedryl.  This morning I had hoped it would have gone down, but instead it got worse!!  I almost didn't show her, but I'm glad I did.  Steve said she looks like a Gremlin who is about to explode into 100 other mini Gremlins...."Don't feed them after midnight! & Never, ever get them wet!"  (Anyone remember that?! haha)

So on top of her many other nicknames, my new one for her is Lumpy.  Poor honey.

Today I'm beat & took a 4 hour nap this afternoon!  Getting up at 430am should only be reserved for a plane ride...but apparently dog shows too in my world!  My wonderful sister-in-law & nephews stopped up to drop us off dinner that they made for us!  Tatertot hotdish & cookies!!  YUMMY!  It was their housewarming present to us...9 years in the making!  LOL  Thanks Dana, Cole & Al!  It was tasty!!

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  1. Hope she is better today. The things a girl goes through to look beautiful. Poor Vivi.