Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love Bulldogs? How about Disney World? Got any iPhone fans out there?

Well if you're reading this blog, you probably can answer "yes" to at least 2 of these questions.  Well I'd like to share with you two blogs that I watch that I think you, as a Bully Beat reader, will enjoy! 

First, I found this bully blog just last week & I must say I'm a big fan of Sherbert!  No, not the dairy-free pastel colored frozen treat (that's sherbet--no it really is, go look), but this Sherbert is the Urban Bulldog  who is a beautiful bully out of Colorado whose momma started a blog to cronical her adventures in the best way...PHOTOS!!  As most of you could probably tell, I enjoy taking photos of my bullies, so finding another bully momma who does the same?!  LOVE IT!!  I highly recommend following it to all bully fans!  It's a very fun site that has great stories, fun photos & fantastic interaction with her readers!!  So check it out, I know you'll think it's adorabull!

I know I'm not the only Disney fan out there, so let me share a great new blog written by one of my Disney friends, Katie, that also LOVES Disney & her iPhone, Wilson.  So she writes about both Disney stuff AND iPhone apps!!  It's awesome!  It's fun because she tries out & reviews so many iPhone apps that I wouldn't have ever heard of otherwise!  It's also trouble...she talks about DVC (Disney Vacation Club) & I want IN!!  Ok, I know that's just a dream, but still...someday....ok, ok Steve I'm just dreaming!!  For anyone interested in following the goings on of all things Disney World, you know it can be very overwhelming to try to find it all in any given week.  Well at the DVC Life every Friday is recap day & she summarzies all the Disney news for the week!  It's magical (of course)!!

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  1. Love this, I just signed up for her blog and facebook. I think i qualify!!!!