Thursday, December 17, 2009

What happens in the basement, stays in the basement!

Howie & Doc have recently both decided they will come down in the basement with me when I do laundry.  They seem to keep themselves busy with a chair that was once Ollie's & a bone...not exactly sure how the bone got down in the basement, but it keeps them busy (aka out of the litterbox) so I'm ok with it.

Here's Doc in his favorite new spot in the basement!

Howie seems to be enjoying it just the same!

Vivi on the other hand...will NOT go down in the basement!  As a matter of fact, she refuses to go down many steps.  She has no problem with steps outside, but it seems any inside she hates...not sure why.  Does your bully do this?  Well at least I know she won't get into the litterbox!!


  1. Yum, kitty litter. It's just like a krispy crunch candybar!

  2. If Austin is in the right mood he will follow you all over the house, up/down stairs bathroom, where ever you go he will be your shadow. Belle is like that also from time to time. Memphis, well she does nto move off the couch except to go to out or to eat. Other then that she can not be bothered.