Thursday, December 17, 2009

Neat gift idea for kid dog owners!

If you're like me, before you got your dog you did your research.  Whether it was books like "Puppies for Dummies" (yep, I honestly own that book) or a generic one on the bulldog breed, I bought & read them.  Of course these books are written for adults as they, most likely (hopefully) will be the one ultimately responsible for the dog.  Makes sense.

But what about those kids that want to help out?  Are there any books out there written for them?  Answer: YES!!  I even know of one site that has a few different titles to choose from.  With subjects that range from how to train a dog to sit to how do dogs say "hello", it's a great way for your kids to not only learn about their new best friend, but also to help them get involved with the responsibility of dog ownership!

Here are just a few of my favorites.  Take a look!  They're very reasonably priced & I was told there is still time to order in time for Christmas if you order soon!

Dogs and Puppies, this book is basically a "how to" guide to dogs for kids ages 5 & older.  There is a lot of information in this book from grooming to training!  It also has photos & illustrations for visual learners!  It comes in both paperback ($5.99) & library editions ($13.99).

What's REALLY neat about many of these books on the site is that they are what's called an "internet linked" book.  I had no idea what this meant, but the site really does a good job of explaining all the different types of editions as well as what an IL (internet linked) book is.  An IL is basically an online resource in addition to the book!  So if your kids like to research even more or want to even take a quiz on what they read...they can!  Kinda neat huh?

Dogs, is another reference like book written for kids 6 & older.  It contains facts about dogs like why do some dogs bury their toys & even which dogs can't bark.  It comes in hardcover ($4.99) or library edition ($12.99).

Dogs Sticker Book, here is a really fun book that's a little more interactive than those listed above. This book has over 90 stickers that the kids use to match the correct description. It's a fun way to learn the different breeds! It's meant for kids 7 & older & is $8.99.

Ok I have to mention this's just too cute not to!  It's called "Lucky, A Dog's Best Friend" & it's about Lucky who is in a shelter waiting for his forever home, but realizes that "home" is wherever you make it!  How sweet is that?  It's meant for a younger crowd (ages 3-5), but I can't imagine anyone older would not like it!  It's $7.95.

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