Monday, December 21, 2009

A very creative weekend

Hi Everybully!  It's me!  Vivi!  I thought I'd help Momma out with the site & blog!  I hope I do a good job, this is pretty technical stuff afterall!

Ok, so this weekend, I decided to look at our Blue Line Bulldogs site & I must say, it was very fun to see so many photos of bullies!!  Momma really likes us doesn't she?  I decided to take a look around some more & give Momma my thoughts.  I'm very creative that way!

Also this weekend my Grampa Greg made my half-sister Bailey some steps for her bed!!  They turned out really nice & Bailey's momma Nancy really loved them!  He's pretty talented isn't he?!  He made them in less than a day!!  I must get my creativity talent from him!

He made us our steps for the couch too & we love them!  We know Bailey will love her steps too!

Any other bullies have a creative weekend?  I sure hope so!
Well thanks for letting me take over the blog today!

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  1. Now the UrbanBulldog is dreaming about her very own the bed, the sofa, the fridge...