Thursday, April 8, 2010

Any Car Makers Looking for Ideas?!

Last week I got a new car.  Fred, all my cars are named Fred (goes back to my first brand new car I got in 1997-a beautiful red Honda Accord...Red Fred), is a lovely Mazda CX-7.  He's cute!  He's kinda sporty!  He's fun & he smells good too!

 Well anyway, new Fred is fabulous...but he's not perfect.  I say he's not perfect because I had this list of things that were a MUST in my next car because of the bullies; and new Fred was able to only meet a few of those items on the list...but overall he was better than the car I just had (another beautiful Accord--black this time though).

So here is my list of MUSTS for my car with makers take note please!  If you make the perfect bully/dog car, you will have buyers!

-MUST be light color leather: Do you know how hard it is to find a black exterior, with a light/tan interior?  Apparently car makers don't think people want this combination.  I couldn't get it in the CX-7 unless I went with the "Grand Touring" model.  How odd.  I even had someone ask why light interior....HELLO???!!!  Have you ever had dried bully drool on dark leather?  You see it when it dries.  Light color leather will hide it better..duh.  Plus, light color leather will either hide the bully fur or allow for easy clean up of bully hair!

-MUST be 45" width in the back (for SUVs) to be able to fit two 20 1/2" wide kennels side-by-side.  Cuz even if you only have 1 dog, you may travel with another person & their dog...see, you need space for two kennels.

-MUST be flat in the back (for SUVs) with the seats down.  What is the point of having the back seats fold down, but not flat to the far back of the SUV?  Why would you want seats that are 10" higher than the floor?  Silly.

-MUST have a separate climate control for the back of the SUV.  If you don't have vents or separate controls in the back, you get really creative during a 6 hour ride to Bismarck with the A/C on for the bullies, but you are freezing in the front seat, but if you adjust the vent to aim towards the ceiling or the windows of the car the bullies in the back MUST be getting some of that freezing cold air right??  Don't forget your winter coat for the car ride in July....true story.

Ok, those were the MUSTS for bullies...the MUSTS for me were:
-Moon roof--once you have one, you always NEED one
-Satellite radio--got a free 6 month subscription with my last Fred & by golly I got sucked right into that thing...I mean the '80s & '90s all the time??  AWESOME!!

So new Fred has light leather interior, w/the darkest exterior I could get (Black Cherry Mica--he's pretty & smells sooooo good).  I could have gotten light leather interior & red exterior, but I have enough red & khaki in my life (gooooooo Target!!).  New Fred has the satellite radio, so I'm still listening to the '80s & '90s!  Yay!  New Fred has a moon roof...of course.  New Fred's back seats fold 90% flat???  I have no idea why they couldn't put the effort into making them 100% flat & the back is not wide enough for 2 kennels side-by-side, but I can get two back there at different doors (one side door, one back door); and only the front climate I'll be sure to keep a blanket or winter coat in there at all times.

So while he didn't meet many of my MUSTS, he was the winner in the cost category!!  That kinda trumps other categories if you can still get the new Fred to work better than the old Fred...and he does...and he smells so good!


  1. Fred is very lovely! I hope I get to take a ride in him next weekend! I completely understand your MUST haves except I would swap the moon roof (don't need that) for the must have heated seats. Never will be without those in Minnesota!

    So any bets on how the "new car" smell will last? Bill got in the car last night and said, "oh, it smells like buttered popcorn." my response, "ah no, that would most likely be the Robin poo I forgot to clean up in the crate today." Opps.

  2. I got a new car too! We made a quick trip to MN to get it. We got lost in downtown Minneapolis trying to find the dealership-that
    was a little scary!! My new ride is white-it had to match "my boy"!! I would love to send picts of oz....I need an email address! I may not be able to read the Ollie blogs yet-that is how we lost our Rosie-brings tears to my eyes just typing her name. Take care xoxo the aanneruds