Thursday, April 1, 2010

**Very Important Announcement**

Due to my new cat showing venture, I'm very excited to announce that this blog & site will now focus on my cat shows & not the bulldogs.  I will be changing the name to Blue Line Felines & in the upcoming weeks the logo will change. 

I have had cats for most of my life & after seeing the cat show at the Pet Expo a few weeks ago, I really found something I'm passionate about.  I'm sure the bulldogs will still make appearances here & there, but my main focus will be cats.  I know this may mean I will lose some readers, but I hope you do give it a chance.  Afterall, cats are just as awesome as bulldogs & I'm SURE I'll have some super funny cat adventures to share with you all!

In fact, I'm thrilled with the show prospects I've been looking at.  I think they'll do very well in the show ring & show such a competitive nature already!  It's a very fun time here at the Blue Line house!  I hope you share in my excitement!

Yeah Momma!  It IS fun here!
PS-April Fools Everybully!


  1. Good one!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the kitties are pretty enough to be show cats. :-)

  2. had me a little upset there for a minute!! just ask my family!! please keep posting-I read you daily just like the newspaper!!
    xoxo iz and oz

  3. Ahhh - I believed it, just for a minute. I was like - no way.... Good one!!