Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm so in love...

with this spring!!  Ugh!!  I can't even tell you how fantastic it has been (& I'm fully prepared for it to make a huge turn now that I've posted this!)!!  Normally, it's never, ever this green so early!  My best memories of how I remember this are photos of course!  I remember going to prom (early May) & the leaves hadn't even budded yet.  The lilacs hadn't bloomed & the grass was just beginning to turn from brown to green.
 Look at awesome camera even makes dandelions pretty!  Hey, I say, dandelions in April ARE pretty!!

Within the last week, leaves have sprouted!  Lilacs have bloomed & lawn has already been cut!

Simply in LOVE w/this spring!!  The fact that we actually have a spring is quite a thing in itself!  Most years, it's winter with snow, then it may melt, then in March we'd get a HUGE dumping of snow, then it rains-washes away the snow, but still-it rains, and rains.  But not this year!  LOVING IT!!!

See, green grass for Doc!

Vivi loves the green grass too!  She looks even more white against it!
Howie, photo of him because he just likes to eat the a cow.  I call him my little heffer!!  Chewing grass like he was a cow.  He'll even grab the grass while he's's comical, until it comes up...ish.

I hope you all are enjoying a real spring like we are!


  1. It's been the best! I need to find some lilacs to bring into the fav! the reflective Howie on the home page. Goodness but he's cute!

  2. Last Spring I was ready to leave Minnesota because I was so sick of the weather, but I'm loving it this year.