Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Bullyful Garden!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none of that white stuff (shhhh...don't say it) won't make another appearance in these parts until maybe Decemeber...I'd be ok with January too!  It's nice to see green grass again!  Now I just need some flowers!  You too?  Check this out!

The Bulldog Club of America Resuce Network (BCARN) has a flower fundraiser going on right now!  BCARN will get 50% of the sales on plants & bulbs!!  Check it out!!  Fundraiser goes through April 23rd

Help bulldog rescue while helping your garden become bullyful!!

Doc says:
"Help BCARN everybully!  You can make your yard pretty!  Momma!! 
We can do better than this stuff in our yard can't we?  Order some flowers k?!"

Order your plants & flowers today!

To find out more about BCARN, check out their site.

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