Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Baby's Daddy!

I got to see my baby's daddy today!  He was in town.  It's always fun to see Vivi's Daddy Hemi (Bodanna's Yeah It's a Hemi)!  Great job today Hemi!  We'll see you again later this month!

Ummm...yeah, I think they're related.  Even the same tongue stickin' out just a bit!  Ok, ok, Vivi's is out a bit more...that's cuz she's got a crazylong tongue!

Hey, I know there are other Hemi babies out there reading this blog....Ozzie.....Kingston....Dozer!  Any others I'm not remembering?  I'd love it if all of you could send me your Hemi baby photos!!  I'd love to see if there are other Hemi-look alikes out there!!

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